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Digital Load Indicating Systems

LXI Indicator

The LXI digital features ease of operation, accuracy and full test documentation capabilities.

During a test it displays load, stress, rate of load in either load or stress values, and the type and size of the specimen being tested all simultaneously on the digitals four line display. At the end of a test it automatically displays both peak stress and load, and if activated the average rate of load applied to the specimen during the test.

Its user friendly scroll through set up menu allows the operator to select and activate an option and enter a numeric value to set the test parameter field. A pre-set specimen type menu lists five common types to select from; cylinder, cube, beam center or third point and cross sectional area allowing you to select, display and document a test.

Test information is easily read on the indicators four line back-lit LCD display. Test data can be displayed in any of the selectable engineering units of: Load lbs, kN, N or kg, Stress psi, MPa, Kpa or kg/cm², size in, mm or cm and Time seconds or minutes. A durable membrane keypad allows you to scroll, enter, store, print and enter numeric values.

For hard copy test documentation, up to 1,000 tests can be stored in memory and printed directly on a USB compatible printer or transferred to a PC through a USB port with optional transfer program. The system also features X-Y plotting of a load or stress vs. time graph with title block listing date and time, sample ID number and peak stress value of test. An optional compatible printer is required for graphing.

The standard test report is in a spreadsheet format and lists the following information: sequential test number, date and time, sample ID number, sample type, sample area and length, peak load and peak stress. Optional data includes: average rate of load applied to a sample during the test, cylinder correction factor to C-39, cylinder break type, sample age and weight and operator ID number. Print options allow you to print current test, all stored tests and X-Y graph.

Accuracy is achieved through a 10 point calibration program using piece wise linear fit between points to exceed ASTM C-39 and E-4 requirements at ±.5% of indicated load from 1% to full machine capacity. Up to six separate calibration programs can be stored allowing the indicator to be used with multiple transducer/load cell combinations with one or more load frames.

An optional piston travel speed indicator package is available, when activated displays travel rates in either in, mm or cm per second or per minute.

The LXI digital is available as a retrofit package for field installation.